Established in 2017, we provide doctors with personalized bone implants that are designed from individual patient CT scans.

The goal of any surgeon is to complete surgeries with the best clinical outcomes in the shortest amount of time. Meticuly works for doctors who operate on medical implants to achieve this goal with our advanced AI-assisted software, high quality manufacturing, and efficient workflow. For doctors, we redefine and improve the bone surgery process to enhance patients’ personalized care. For patient, we produce a reliable yet affordable alternative solution.

Our Story

Meticuly Co., Ltd. was founded by two intellectual and passionate technologists in cooperation with leading medical schools and top medical teams.

  • US FDA 510(k) clearance for 3D-printed Patient-specific Cranial Mesh and Craniofacial Mesh.
  • 580+ clinical case orders to date.
  • Distribution partnership agreement with the CS Medtec Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.
  • Joining Alloyed Co., Ltd., University of Oxford, and University of Leicester in the Transforming System Through Partnership (TSP) program by the Royal Academy of Engineering, the UK.
  • Top 30 finalists in K-STARTUP GRAND CHALLENGE 2021 program by NIPA, South Korea.
  • Top 12 finalists in the BE POC 5th batch program by the BE Accelerator, Taiwan.
  • Meticuly International Pte. Ltd. incorporation in Singapore.
  • Meticuly Innovations Ltd. incorporation in the UK.
  • Closing Series-B fundraising round.
  • Graduation from the Innovation Fellowships (LIF) Advance Programme by the Royal Academy of Engineering, the UK.
  • 510 K U.S. FDA submission for mesh implant products
  • 15 proprietary intellectual properties secured
  • Closing Series-A fundraising round.
  • 5 proprietary intellectual properties secured
  • Cranio-Maxillofacial implant products launched in the Thai market
  • Thai GMP granted
  • ISO 13485 granted
  • Winner (Gold Award) and Popular Vote Award in Digital Ventures Accelerator Batch1 program by the SCB, Thailand.
  • Winner in Seedstars 5th Global Summit Pitch Corner by the Seedstars, Switzerland.
  • First 100 clinical cases completed
  • Top recipient of the CU Innovation Hub Accelerator Program by Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.
  • Closing Seed fundraising round.
  • First product line of orthopedic implants launched in the Thai market
  • Thai FDA grants license for medical device manufacturing
  • Meticuly Company Limited established.
  • Created world’s first 3D printing Titanium thumb prosthesis and implanted by surgeons with successful clinical outcomes
  • Developed capability for high precision metal 3D manufacturing
  • Initiated biomedical research and concepts

Our Core Values

At Meticuly, we hold our core values to heart. We aim to take on the challenges of creating better lives for our patients and our prospective employees. Together we will build solutions piece by piece.


We strive to do our best all the time. Every Time.


We work hand-in-hand together in harmony towards the same goal.


We continually to seek for newer and better ways.


We pay great attention to detail.


We always commit to doing what is right.

Customer Focus

We dedicate ourselves to making our customers happy and satisfied.