Our end-to-end platform

Works seamlessly to produce personalized bone implant.

Personalized Implants with AI-assisted Capabilities

Every human body is unique and needs tailored solutions. Analyzing data from your CT scans and applying knowledge from our ever-growing database, Meticuly’s program maps out the bone implant that would fit your patient perfectly. We make surgical plans and 3D visualizations with AI-assisted technologies of your desired implants enabling you to have greater control over bone surgery clinical outcomes. Our proficient engineers along with AI’s capabilities allow us to assist you in managing the whole surgical processes from preoperative to postoperative stages including surgical guides e.g. cutting and drilling guides.

Advanced 3d Printing

We use SLM 3D printing technology to construct your implants. With Selective Laser Melting(SLM) technologies, it creates parts additively by fusing metal powder particles together in a full melting process. Consequently, the mechanical strength of every customized implant is guaranteed regardless of shape and size. This technology allows us to produce such an advanced and complex shape at the very high precision (micron scale). 3D printed Titanium implants are exceptionally biocompatible with patients’ bodies. With its low toxicity, we can ensure the patient’s infection rate as well as satisfaction level.

Powerful technology alone is not enough

Our crafted products are supported by a trusted and meticulous team.

Handled by Meticulous Engineers

Our experienced engineers in-house are skilled in both engineering and medical aspects. The team strives to understand beyond their engineering perspective and meticulously produce every personalised implant to meet international standards and satisfaction. Understanding the challenges you face and concerns you have, we never cease to explore and develop our tools to exceed your expectations.

Ever Increasing Precision

By working constantly with surgeons in cadaveric studies and clinical cases, our platforms become more accurate each day. An ever growing database makes our products more precise. We make the most out of the technology to constantly improve our product.