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Mid-face reconstruction

Meticuly Patient-specific Mid-face reconstruction mesh

The patient-specific Facial Mesh is a personalised craniomaxillofacial reconstruction solution designed and manufactured collaboratively by surgeons and engineers. Our patient-specific titanium mesh implant is designed individually for each patient and serves to replace defective bone lost in the cranio-maxillofacial region from trauma, congenital conditions, or tumours. The implant's contour is designed anatomically, based on CT scan data, to cover the bony void with overlapping margins


  • Personalised design based on patient’s CT scan

  • All-in-one solution including pre-operative planning and surgical guide to reduce the time spent in the operating room

  • Thickness of 0.5 mm to reduce weight and minimise X-ray artefacts

  • Manufactured from medical grade Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) which has a low infection rate and adequate material strength 


  • AI-assisted design and anatomical contour

  • Built-in fixation with customisable number and position of fixtures

  • Low profile screw fixtures 

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