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Mandible reconstruction

Meticuly Patient-specific mandible reconstruction plate

Our patient specific mandibular reconstruction solution is designed to retain the anatomical contour of the mandible. Meticuly’s engineers support surgeons in the pre-operative planning of the fibula free flap and during the design of the reconstruction plate. The patient specific reconstruction plate is intended for the reconstruction of mandibular continuity defects which can be caused by malignant diseases such as oral or mandibular cancer. The titanium plate for mandible reconstruction with fibula free flap is designed specifically for the anatomical shape of the patient's healthy bone based on CT imaging.


  • Personalised design based on patient’s CT scan

  • All-in-one solution including pre-operative planning and surgical guide to reduce the time spent in the operating room

  • Angiography (CTA) included into design process to ensure sufficient vascular perforation of the flap

  • Titanium sleeve in cutting and grilling slot on the surgical guide

  • Manufactured from medical grade Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) which has a low infection rate and adequate material strength


  • AI-assisted design and anatomical contour

  • Built-in fixation with customisable number and position of fixtures

  • Customisable length and number of fibula flaps

  • Customisable plate length and extension

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