Uniquely tailored to each patient, our AI analyzes CT scans and crafts custom implants, while our cutting-edge 3D printing ensures impeccable strength and biocompatibility.

What We Do

AI-powered implants and additive manufacturing

The transformative synergy of advanced algorithms and high-precision manufacturing underpins our steadfast commitment to revolutionise medical practice, paving the path for improved clinical outcomes and patient well-being.

Streamlined end-to-end

Meticuly’s team of specialist engineers collaborates with you from the instant you opt to engage with us. From CT scans to the design of titanium implants and medical manufacturing, all the way to the delivery of a ready-to-use bone implant, we provide a holistic solution. This approach enables you to economise on time and effort, which can be directed towards the actual surgical procedure.

Personalised patient specific

By seamlessly integrating AI-powered personalized implant design with state-of-the-art 3D printing, we unlock a new era of surgical excellence. No longer constrained by traditional methods, Meticuly’s technology empowers surgeons to transcend limitations and embrace a future where each patient receives tailored solutions based on their unique anatomy.

Surgeons can channel their efforts towards their patients’ care

We empower surgeons to achieve even greater success in their noble pursuit of ensuring the best possible outcomes for each patient’s journey towards well-being.

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How We Achieve Together

Contact Us with Request

Please feel free to reach us via email, phone call, or the contact us button.

Send a CT-scan

Once you are ready to work together, simply follow our CT scan protocol.

Have Your Design Reviewed

We will send a design to you. Most doctors need 10-20 minutes to finalize.

Receive your Implant

Our implant is 3D printed and will be delivered sealed and secured to you.

Get Ready to Operate

Our implant removes the step where you adjust standard implants by hand.

Our Track Record

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