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Oculoplastic reconstruction

Meticuly Patient-specific Oculoplastic mesh

The patient-specific Orbital Mesh is a personalised orbital floor reconstruction solution designed and manufactured collaboratively by surgeons and engineers. Our patient-specific titanium mesh implant is designed individually for each patient. It is intended for use in orbital wall fractures, selective trauma of the facial skeleton and reconstructive procedures and serves to restore the functionality of the native orbital floor by replacing bony voids in the facial skeleton surrounding the orbit.


  • Personalised design based on patient’s CT scan

  • All-in-one solution including pre-operative planning and surgical guide to reduce the time spent in the operating room

  • Thickness of 0.5 mm to reduce weight and minimise X-ray artefacts

  • Manufactured from medical grade Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) which has a low infection rate and adequate material strength


  • AI-assisted design and anatomical contour

  • Anatomical fit by orbital-rim bar fixture and extension leg

  • Built-in fixation with customisable number and position of fixtures

  • Low profile screw fixtures

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