Precise and strong personalized bone implants that remove design uncertainty and shave hours off operation time, especially revision surgery

We design medical implants with the aid of AI-assisted engines and meticulously manufacture using 3D printing technology.

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Innovative Technologies to Improve Precision

With Meticuly, you no longer need to do intraoperative modification and mold your implants by hand. We design your desired implants using patient’s CT scans and AI deep learning algorithm. Once finalized, we 3D print personalized implants that meet EN ISO 13485:2016 standard and fit patients perfectly.

A Trusted Team to Handle Your Heavy Lifting

Our team of specialists collaborates with you from the moment you decide to work with us. From CT scans to titanium implant designs and medical manufacturing to delivering a ready-to-operate bone implant, we provide you as a full solution. You will be able to save time and energy for the actual surgery.

Personalized Processes to Hit Every Requirement

We understand your challenges in getting exactly what you need for each patient. While we do most of the work, we continue to listen to you. Our process ensures that your requirements are fulfilled and give you greater control over clinical outcomes – providing you with better precision and quicker operations.

You should have exactly what you need for every operation.

“As a surgeon, you have multiple tasks to deal with to ensure the best clinical outcomes for your patients. We are here to provide you with exact bone implants that are reliable and life-saving.”

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5 simple steps to obtain your personalized implant solution

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Please feel free to reach us via email, phone call, or the contact us button.

Send a CT-scan

Once you are ready to work together, simply follow our CT scan protocol.

Have Your Design Reviewed

We will send a design to you. Most doctors need 10-20 minutes to finalize.

Receive your Implant

Our implant is 3D printed and will be delivered sealed and secured to you.

Get Ready to Operate

Our implant removes the step where you adjust standard implants by hand.

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Hospitals Worldwide


Surgeons, Including Neuro, Plastic and Orthopedic

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We have published academic publications with professors and medical professionals around the world.

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Precision of computed tomography and cartilage-reproducing image reconstruction method in generating digital models for potential use in 3D printing of patient-specific radial head prosthesis: A human cadaver study

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The Patient-Specific Implant Created with 3D Printing Technology in Treatment of the Irreparable Radial Head in Chronic Persistent Elbow Instability ………… ……………. ……….. …….. ….. …… ……… ….. .. ..

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Three-dimensional printed, proximal phalangeal prosthesis with metatarsophalangeal joint arthroplasty for the treatment of a giant cell tumor of the fifth toe: The first case report …. …. …. … … … … … … … … ..

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