Quality is always our top priority.

We are constantly working and improving to ensure the highest degree of it. Meticuly’s Quality management system (QMS) is designed around our vision. In parallel with the quality of the products itself, we are consistently focusing on improving our services and team members. We aim to provide our crafted and highest-quality titanium products and services worldwide. The world at large is entitled to seize on top of the line medical devices.


Meticuly’s 3D printed Patient-specific Titanium Cranial Mesh and Craniofacial Mesh especially crafted and designed for patients in need. With its unique features and mechanical properties, our product is able to be designed to fit anatomically into position with fixation points overlapping healthy bone. Due to its benefits in accurate fitment, operation time reduction, and better cosmetic outcome, our product has received US FDA clearance since December 2021.

ISO 13485

Our QMS has been tested for safety, accuracy, and reliability under real-world conditions by a certified 3rd party laboratory. It is accredited by an internationally recognized standard for the medical device industry. Our QMS is designed and implemented to comply with ISO 133485:2016. We consistently uphold customer expectations of quality, safety and performance.

Material Certification

From materials research, we select medical-grade titanium, Ti-6Al-4V, to fabricate our products. The raw material is CE Mark certified for medical use. In addition, other key instruments and components are also compliant with the highest medical standards.

“Meticuly” comes from the word meticulously.

Because we take meticulous action in everything we do. All 3D printing medical devices need to minimally meet international standards, yet we go beyond that.

Our Promises

At Meticuly, we hold our core values to heart. We aim to take on the challenges of creating better lives for our patients and our prospective employees. Together we will build solutions piece by piece.

To be innovative

We promise to continuously innovate world-class quality products conforming to customer’s requirements.

To be timely

We promise to deliver our products and services in good time.

To be trustworthy

We promise to uphold a professional, confidential, and honest service through a high level of business ethics.

To be conforming

We promise to always adhere to related laws and regulations, with continuous improvement and an effective QMS.