Patient-specific Mandible Reconstruction Plate

Our patient-specific Mandible Reconstruction Plate is a titanium bone plate for mandible reconstruction with free fibula flap designed specifically for anatomical shape of patients’ healthy bone based on CT imaging. Our professional team provides supports in design customization and pre-operative planning to achieve the precise surgery. This solution allows patients with oral or mandibular cancer who needs treatment with mandibulectomy and reconstructive surgery to regain their original facial shape back as the solution is designed to meet both aesthetic and satisfaction levels that a standard-size implant is still incapable of reaching.

With CT imaging, perforation positions are determined and then marked in 3D anatomical model. This virtual surgery technique is to ensure that perforations are unharmed and enhance pre-operative planning. By using 3D mirroring of normal contralateral side of the mandible, each titanium plate and reconstruction of mandible using fibular flaps are designed specifically to ensure the best outcome in cosmetic appearance after the surgery.

3D pre-operative planning facilitates surgeons to perform surgery with desired outcomes and avoid unnecessary bone loss. Personalized titanium plate is designed together with custom-made surgical assisting kits (SAK) including cutting & drilling guides for both mandible and fibula to facilitate precise osteotomy/drilling of bones.

Because of its unique features & benefits

you are able to manage and have a greater control over each individual surgery 

Features & Benefits

Personalized design
Anatomically pre-contoured fixation plate along the bone with optimized plate length
to match individual mandible

Customizable screw configuration
Number and position of holes are fully customizable to serve surgeon pre-operative plan

Customizable plate extension
Both ends of titanium mandible plate feature design customization for surgeons. Round/tapered plate tip or expanded plate extension are available

Compatible with any screws
Size and geometry of screw holes are designed to compatible with any commercial screws

Stronger without hole
Option to leave some areas without screw hole (e.g. near resection site)

Pre-Operative Planning Solution

Our personalized titanium plate for mandibulectomy and reconstructive surgery is designed based on biomechanics and evaluated using finite element analysis to ensure high strength and durability. Together with surgeons, surgical assisting kits and plate designs are preoperatively planned by our skillful engineers in order to give you greater control over your operating theatre time. With our experienced team, surgeons can extensively express their ideas and adjust desired plates based on their techniques and concerns.

High Accuracy and Precision with Custom-made Cutting Guides

Personalized titanium plate is designed to incorporated with custom-made surgical assisting kits (SAK) as a complete solution, helping medical professionals to perform surgical operation as planned.