Patient-specific Oculoplastic Mesh

Our patient-specific Oculoplastic Mesh is a personalized titanium orbital floor reconstruction solution serving to restore functionality of the native orbital floor and cosmetic appearance by replacing the fractured orbital bone. For patients suffering from orbital fracture, the orbital volume’s defect can be replaced by integrated or non-integrated orbital implants. Our patient-specific Oculoplastic Mesh is designed to meet both aesthetic and satisfaction levels that a standard size implant is still incapable of reaching.

Orbital implants are designed preoperatively to match the anatomical bone shape and aesthetic outcomes of individual with micron-precision. Preoperative plans including fixation points as well as contour designs are outlined by our experienced engineers, then adjusted in line with surgeon’s suggestions in order to ensure the desired clinical outcomes.

Our patient-specific Oculoplastic Mesh is designed not only for aesthetic aspects, but also for facilitation of oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery to complete with fewer steps and complications. Fixation points are planned preoperatively, hence our implants can fit perfectly with patients’ anatomy. With the perfect size and shape of our implants, the operating theatre time is significantly reduced as there is no need for any adjustments.

Our patient-specific Oculoplastic Mesh is made of titanium, which has the lowest rate of potential infection when compared to autogenous, PMMA-based, and ceramic materials which other implants are manufactured from. It also provides higher strength than conventional PMMA and PEEK prosthesis.

Because of its unique features & benefits, you are able to manage and have a greater control over each individual surgery

Features & Benefits

  • Personalized design
    Anatomically pre-contoured titanium mesh that fits the shape of native bone through pre-operative planning and advanced 3D printing technology with a precision level of microns
  • Customizable fixation
    Number and position of screw holes as well as design of fixture are fully customizable to serve surgeon pre-operative plan
  • Thin, light and smooth
    A mesh structure with minimum thickness of 0.5 mm that reduces the overall prosthesis weight by more than 50 percent
  • Compatible with any screws
    Size and geometry of screw holes are designed to compatible with any commercial screws

Pre-Operative Planning Solution

We fully customize, review, and plan the orbital floor reconstruction that returns the previous orbital shape as well as its function. Pre-operative 3D planning is utilized to restore the external and internal orbital anatomy as a result of orbital fracture and surrounding bone displacement. Together with surgeons, implant designs are planned preoperatively by our skillful engineers in order to give you greater control over your operating theatre time. With our experienced team, surgeons can extensively express their ideas and adjust desired implants based on their techniques and concerns.

High accuracy with customizable in-built fixtures

The design of fixtures to attach titanium mesh to the inferior orbital rim is fully customizable to serve surgeon needs as well as ensure the best anatomical fitment. The in-built fixtures minimize the need for extra fixation plates enhancing the accuracy during the intra-operation.