Metacarpal Prosthesis

Features & Benefits of Bone Replacement

Personalized design

Using 3D mirroring of normal contralateral side of hand bone, each titanium prosthesis is designed specially to match natural anatomic of individual bone. The 3D pre-operative planning ensures minimal invasive operation and the best outcomes after the surgery.

Phalange Prosthesis

Smooth and shiny surface

Highly polished titanium prostheses to ensure good fitment and facilitate joint stability.

Features and Benefits of Joint Prosthesis

Anatomic joint mechanism

Constrained joint prostheses designed to replicate the anatomic joint surfaces and movement mechanism of the MCP and PIP joints. This to ensure the best outcome in recovering range of motion.

Precise stem

Cemented stem is designed to have dimensions and shape conforming to 3D anatomic of intramedullary cavity of the resected bone.