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A Journey from Lab to Life: Dr. Boonrat Presents Meticuly's 3D Implants at TEDxChula

“Unlike Archimedes' instant Eureka moment, mine took 7 years. It was fueled by unwavering belief in engineering, facing and solving problems head-on. Through this journey, I found my own breakthrough. Dream, take action, tackle challenges, and finally, I believe everyone deserves their Eureka moment.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boonrat Lohwongwatana, professor, inventor, and CEO of Meticuly, with a mission: affordable 3D-printed artificial bones for all Thais.

The journey was not easy. After 7 years of perfecting the technology, Dr. Boonrat has overcome countless obstacles with his firm determination leading affordable, personalized 3D-printed implants for Thai patients. Meticuly's technology allows for precise surgeries, shorter operation times, and faster recovery. This has transformed lives – patients suffering from osteoporosis or injuries can now walk, run, and live fully again.

Dr. Boonrat embodies perseverance and the pursuit of dreams, inspiring the next generation to innovate for a better future.

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