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Meticuly on Puankookit! Customized Implants for a Better You

Meticuly co-founder, Sumate Chaisoorayakan, recently appeared on "เพื่อนคู่คิด" (Puankookit) to discuss the challenges of traditional bone and skull implants, where they often struggle to provide an ideal fit for each patient. Sumate highlighted Meticuly's solution: 3D-printed titanium implants tailored to each patient's anatomy.

The interview explored the growing trend of personalized healthcare, a future Meticuly believes its technology is perfectly positioned for.

About "เพื่อนคู่คิด" (Puankookit):

"เพื่อนคู่คิด" (Phuean Khue Khid), which translates to "Thinking Partner," is a program that focuses on promoting informed decision-making related to business and health. The show features interviews with experts and discussions on relevant topics, aiming to empower viewers with knowledge and insights.

Watch the full interview (Thai) on the Puankookit’s Facebook:

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