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Meticuly Nominated to Take Part in 2021 K-Startup Grand Challenge

Meticuly has been nominated to take part in the 2021 K-Startup Grand Challenge, a competitive accelerator program held every year in Seoul, Korea that offers startups all over the world a global platform to break into Asia using the Korean market as a stepping stone.

The region saw 2,568 applications from 129 countries, out of which over 60 global startups were shortlisted to take part in a 3.5 month-long fully funded accelerating program and live pitch session to a jury panel from the startup ecosystem. Meticuly was selected among the 60 participants to join in 2021.

Established in 2017, Meticuly provides doctors with personalized bone implants that are designed from individual patient CT scans. Meticuly assists surgeons to complete surgeries with the best clinical outcomes in the shortest amount of time. The company works for doctors who operate on medical implants to achieve this goal with advanced AI-assisted software, high quality manufacturing, and efficient workflow. On the patients’ end, Meticuly produces a reliable yet affordable alternative solution.

The K-Startup Grand Challenge is part of the Korean government’s initiative to transform the country’s economy for another century of success, ultimately raising employment, the GDP and Korea’s place in the world. In order to do this, the government is supporting talented entrepreneurs and promising startups, to turn Korea and Pangyo Creative Economy Valley into a global startup hub in Asia.

At the end of the acceleration program, the government will host a demo day to select top 30 startups. These startups will get additional financial incentives, and if they choose to establish their businesses in Korea, they will get additional support from the government.

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