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Meticuly Featured in Japan-Thai Open Innovation DX Platform Webinar Held by JETRO and NIA

Updated: Jun 25

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), a government-related organization promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world, in partnership with the National Innovation Agency (NIA), recently held its 4th Open Invitation DX Platform Webinar, as part of the organizations’ efforts to explore collaboration between Thai startups and Japanese corporations and look for ways to utilise digital technology by Japanese and ASEAN companies. 

The webinar, held on June 16th, 2001, featured a total of 7 Thai startups interested in collaborating with Japanese companies and Japanese companies in Thailand. Meticuly was one of them. 

JETRO’s 4th DX Platform web seminar, “THAI ECOSYSTEM INSIDER 2021” introduced innovation solutions from 3 Thai Startups focusing on the MedTech Industry. First was METICULY which develops personalized implant solution with AI-assisted design and 3D printing technology, second was BRAIN DYNAMICS which develops EEG and Vital Sign Monitoring Systems and Sleep Testing and third, NABSOLUTE which developed the Biopolymer Platform for medicine delivery systems.

The webinar started off with Mr. Amarit Charoenphan, Co-founder of Hubba, CIO & Co-founder of Techsauce, giving his keynote speech to open the event. Mr. Charoenphan is a leader in the startup community and is very active in helping entrepreneurs grow. His passion in the industry has led him to angel invest in many of the top Thai startups and coaches over 100 different startups founders annually. 

Mr. Charoenphan introduced the first featured startup, Meticuly and its CEO and Co-founder Mr. Boonrat Lohwongwatana who gave a background on the company’s history and gave a presentation on how Meticuly is contributing to the Thai medical industry. 

Dr. Boonrat Lohwongwatana, Chief Executive Officer of Meticuly said:

“Meticuly aims to correct, reconstruct, and replace bone deformities in the fields of orthopaedics, neurosurgery, and plastic surgery. Instead of off-the-shelf standard-sized implants to treat patients with bone deformity, Meticuly provides state-of-the-art pre-operative planning, surgical guides and implants that are tailored to fit with individual patients.”

“Bones are produced differently and have different densities depending on each person. In order for the body to accept and integrate the implant, we design implants that suit the patient using AI-based design technology and 3D manufacturing,”

As one of its activities, JETRO has launched a team which accelerates open innovation between Japanese corporates and foreign start-ups. In order to address social problems within Japan, JETRO will bridge Japanese corporates and foreign startups who have cutting-edge technologies and disruptive business strategies by offering opportunities for foreign startups to attend Japanese exhibitions or dispatching Japanese delegations to the countries where there are advanced innovation ecosystems.

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