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Meticuly Among 12 MedTech Startups to Showcase Latest Innovation at SC Hospital, BE Accelerator Demo Day

A handful of talented and wholesome startups from Taiwan, Thailand and Canada were chosen to be introduced by BE Accelerator at its latest Demo Day on August 20, 2021 to showcase their solutions in the fields of minimally invasive surgery, medical devices and AI healthcare to shape the future of the healthcare industry.

SCMH & IRCAD Taiwan in collaboration with the biggest healthcare accelerator, BE Accelerator, hosted an online live demo day on the 28th of August to celebrate the progress of the brilliant startups as they graduate from the 24-week POC program (Proof of Concept program) as well as explore the opportunities for more collaboration.

For the past 24 weeks, the twelve startups and BE Accelerator’s teams collaborated with mentors and partners to make this acceleration program a success. As the world marks a year and a half of the intense disruption by the COVID pandemic, the teams demonstrated extraordinary resilience by coming up with significant innovative solutions through digital transformation.

Dr. Boonrat Lohwongwatana, CEO of Meticuly, highlighted the company’s personalised implant solutions focusing on patient-specific bone implants with the fastest turnaround of only 2 – 7 days from CT Scans to design, manufacturing, and delivery of the implant to the hospital’s surgical theatre – all in all at a much lower cost than current conventional solutions.

“We use an AI-assisted design with a 3D printing process as our core technology. To date we have contributed to the success of over 450 cases. We are also currently working on the production of 30 cases. We have Thailand FDA regulatory clearance, Southeast Asia regulatory clearance and we are pending for US FDA 510(k) for global markets”

“By the end of 2022, we estimate that our overall number of cases will grow to over 800 cases and we forecast continued growth that could see that number tripling by the end of 2023”
- Dr. Boonrat Lohwongwatana.

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