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“Kui Rai Grabuan Tha” Talks Meticuly’s 3D Printed Perfect-Fit Implants

Dr. Chedtha Puncreobutr, co-founder of Meticuly, discussed the future of healthcare on the NEW 18 channel's "คุยไร้กระบวนท่า"(Kui Rai Grabuan Tha). Traditional implants, he explained, often cause problems due to humans' generic nature. Meticuly's solution: custom-made implants using 3D printing technology. These biocompatible titanium implants perfectly fit each patient, promoting faster healing and a better experience.

Dr. Puncreobutr believes 3D-printed implants will serve as the key to personalized healthcare in the future.

About "คุยไร้กระบวนท่า" (Kui Rai Grabuan Tha):

"คุยไร้กระบวนท่า", which means Casual Talk, was a talk show on NEW 18 that featured relaxed interviews with prominent figures from various fields like politics, business, and healthcare in Thailand. Guests shared insights and experiences on a wide range of topics, offering viewers a deeper understanding of complex issues.

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