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Don't Miss Meticuly on Thai PBS! Personalized Implants for a Healthier Thailand

Meticuly co-founder, Asst. Prof. Chedtha Puncreobutr, was recently featured on Thai PBS's "คุยกันวันใหม่" (Khui Gun Wan Mai) program. Dr. Puncreobutr discussed Meticuly's 3D-printed titanium implants, designed to address the limitations of traditional "one-size-fits-all" implants. These traditional implants often do not fit the Thai population well, potentially leading to complications and inconvenience to both patient and doctor. Made from biocompatible titanium, these Meticuly’s implants are now available through Thailand's universal health coverage program, increasing accessibility for Thai citizens.

About the show “คุยกันวันใหม่”:

"คุยกันวันใหม่" (Khui Gun Wan Mai) on Thai PBS is a program that tackles various social and health-related issues. It features interviews with experts and discussions on topics relevant to Thai audiences. The show aims to inform and educate viewers, offering insights and perspectives on current concerns. It provides a platform for open dialogue and exploration of solutions to challenges faced by the Thai people.

To learn more, watch the full interview (in Thai) on the Thai PBS YouTube channel or follow this link:

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