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Brain Surgery Revolution: Meticuly and NHSO Partner on 3D-Printed Titanium Implants

A new era dawns for brain surgery in Thailand. Meticuly has partnered with the National Health Security Office (NHSO) to introduce a groundbreaking solution: personalized 3D-printed titanium skull implants. The innovative technology represents a significant leap forward from traditional implants, where these titanium implants offer superior strength and potentially reduce the risk of complications and the need for repeat surgeries.

This commitment comes after the National Health Security Office’s (NHSO) approved the inclusion of 3D-printing titanium plates into the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) health benefits package. Following NHSO approval, hospitals are contacting Meticuly about our innovative cranioplasty plates. This rapid interest highlights the demand for advancements by Thai researchers and paves the way for a significant impact on patient care.

This demonstrates the commitment of Thailand to providing patients with the most advanced solutions for optimal recovery, pushing the boundaries of brain surgery care in Thailand, and enhancing Thailand's position as a leader in medical innovation.

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