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3D Printing for Beginners: Recap of Meticuly's Seminar

Meticuly welcomes you to a recap of our successful 3D Printing Technology Center Seminar 2! Held on December 17th, 2020, in collaboration with Septillion Powered by Formlabs, the "Learning to Print in 3D" seminar took place at INDA Lab, Bangkok. This event served as a springboard for further exploration of 3D printing technology, particularly its potential to advance medical care through the creation of personalized implants and anatomical models.

The seminar catered to a diverse audience, welcoming beginners, intermediate users, and anyone interested in 3D printing technology. Throughout the session, inventive insights into the core aspects of 3D printing technology were provided to the participants, including pre-printing preparation, software implementation, and the functionality of SLA printing systems (stereolithography apparatus).

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