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Meticuly recognised as one of the 5 Top Startups developing Bone Implant Solutions

Updated: Jun 25

Meticuly has made it to the top 5 startups developing Bone Implant Solutions, according to a recently published market research report about new technological advancements in the healthcare industry by StartUs Insights. Their in-depth analysis is based on data from August 2022 and included more than 100 Startups developing advanced bone implant solutions from around the world.

From their Website:

“Thai startup Meticuly produces AI-assisted personalised implants. The AI analyses computed tomography (CT) scans to develop personalised visualisations of bone implants, which are then 3D printed using selective laser melting (SLM). This enables the production of advanced and complex shapes at high precision, down to micron scales. Meticuly’s solution enables surgeons to improve the bone surgery process and offer personalised patient care.” 

About StartUs Insights:

StartUs Insights is a market research firm that specialises in providing in-depth analysis and insights into emerging technology and startup trends. They help businesses stay ahead of the competition by providing data-driven reports on various industries, including fintech, health tech, and energy tech. Their reports are created using a combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise to provide comprehensive and reliable insights. 

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