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A Meticuly catalog showcasing the company's range of innovative 3D-printed medical devices. The open catalog displays various implant options, potentially including a highlighted image of a specific product like a cranial implant.

About Meticuly

Established in 2017, we provide doctors with personalized bone implants that are designed from individual patient CT scans.

The goal of any surgeon is to complete surgeries with the best clinical outcomes in the shortest amount of time. Meticuly works for doctors who operate on medical implants to achieve this goal with our advanced AI-assisted software, high quality manufacturing, and efficient workflow. For doctors, we redefine and improve the bone surgery process to enhance patients’ personalized care. For patient, we produce a reliable yet affordable alternative solution.

Our purpose

Revolutionising global healthcare through personalised implants for everyone.

A Meticuly Quality Control (QC) engineer meticulously inspects a CMF (craniomaxillofacial) plate. The engineer holds the implant under close scrutiny, ensuring it meets the company's high standards for precision and quality.
A 3D-printed cranial implant model, designed for cranioplasty. The implant is a custom-made cranial mesh for cranial reconstruction, featuring a metallic structure replicating the top and some facial features of a human skull. The implant sits on a metallic platform with spotlights.
A team of Meticuly engineers engaged in a collaborative discussion. Spread across a table are blueprints and digital models of a a CMF (craniomaxillofacial) plate. The engineers point and gesture, actively brainstorming and refining the CMF plate design.
Patient-Specific Implant orthopaedic implants, showcasing the personalized nature of Meticuly's technology.

Our mission

To improve your implant precision thorough innovation technologies

To hit every of your requirement with our personalised processes 

To handle your heavy lifting by our trusted team

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